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When you create an account, you automatically agree to the terms and rules that apply to this server, so please read them below.


Terms of Registration

Term 1:

This is not the official Lineage 2 server and the experience may varry from the retail version.

Rule 1:

This server is made from passion, not as a business. We do not offer PAY-TO-WIN benefits.

Rule 2:

This is a non-profit server, but we don't mind extra help for improvements. See "DONATIONS?" page.

Rule 3:

Yes, this is a PVP server, but it is not the main objective of the game. Build a nice community, play fair, play nice.

Rule 4:

Boting, scripting, and exploiting, of any kind, will result in permanent ban on all accounts and IPs. Like we said, play fair.

Rule 5:

We have a reporting system that can result in warnings or bans. A cumulated number of 3 warnings results in a permanent ban.

Rule 6:

We like to keep things international, so the official language is ENGLISH. Please respect this in public chats and vendors.